Picker Award

In Aparté

In Pursuit of Unlimited Hospitality
À La poursuite d’une hospitalité illimitée (Les voies d’une amatrice éclairée)

Jacqueline Burckhardt & Donatella Bernardi
Editeur: aparté
Diffusion: Les Presses du réel

The Picker Award
The aim of the competition is to give an emerging artist in Switzerland the opportunity to present his/her work for the first time in a monograph. And I had the honor to design it.
Every two years, aparté organises a competition in order to help an artist in the early phases of his/her career by publishing a monograph. This publication allows the artist, who is selected by a leading figure in the art world, to introduce himself and join artistic circles, and thereby promote his work in Switzerland and abroad. The publication of the monograph is marked by an exhibit that brings the laureate’s work to the public’s attention and introduces him/her to the art market. The competition is open to all visual artists, regardless of the technique(s) they practise.